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Charly Landscaping is a local business located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Since 2010, Charly Landscaping has not only provided landscaping services, but irrigation supplies. We currently have two locations, one located on Siler Rd. and the other on Cerillos rd. However, we remain servicing Los Alamos, El Dorado, Espanola & more. Whether it's failing irrigation systems or designing your front or back yard to your desired liking, our team is always more than happy to help you. We're open from Monday through Saturday from 8AM-5PM in Santa Fe. Feel free to contact us via phone call or email

Santa Fe

(505) 467-8277

(505) 629-5518

Los Alamos

(505) 551-0266




Charly Landscaping offers:
  • Yard Renovations

  • Grounds Maintenance

  • Commercial Landscaping

  • Residential Landscaping

  • Fireplace Installations

  • Retaining Wall Installations

  • Flagstone Installations

  • Vinyl Fencing Installations

  • Artificial Turf Installations

  • Tree/Stump Removals



Charly Landscaping offers free estimates for any of your landscaping needs. Whether it's a clean-up or a project you have in mind, we'll do our best to provide your landscaping needs and turn them into your landscaping dream.



Charly Landscaping is always happy to provide our customers with supplies. We have a variety of landscaping related products from irrigation supplies to individual or stacks of flagstone.

Charly Landscaping provides a wide variety of services. We have them all available for our customers. Click below to see a list of the services we provide to all our customers.

1161 Siler Rd

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1718 cerrillos Rd

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